Report : Conflict or Collapse? Zimbabwe in 2016

Conflict or Collapse? Zimbabwe in 2016

Violence has been woven through the intricate fabric of Zimbabwe‘s political history in various forms which include murder, beatings, rape, death threats, abductions, arbitrary arrests, torture, forced displacement, property damage, harassment, intimidation and terrorisation. It has been used as the weapon of choice by the governments in power since the declaration of UDI in 1966 through to post Independent Zimbabwe as a measure to ensure retention of power at all costs.

This systemic assault has had the desired effect of ensuring the nation is risk-averse and as shown in the Afrobarometer surveys citizens are careful about what they say in public and ―that civil society, with few exceptions, can be described as ―risk-averse (Masunungure,2006), and other commentators point out the apparent passivity of Zimbabweans in challenging the state (Mills, 2014).

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