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Women Empowerment

How to Get Equality for Women and Improve the Nation

Ensuring The Empowerment of Women In all aspects of life...

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At The End Of The Line??

A Thought on Young People’s Prospects in Zimbabwe...

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Recent Publications

Political Violence against Women: A Summary of Previous Research.

Violence against Women: an ongoing scourge and is it getting worse under the pandemic?

Young Men and Women: How Democratic and Engaged are they?

The next report on young men and women and their engagement with public life in Zimbabwe.

The Gender Lens: Provincial Breakdown of Women’s Views

The second report on women’s views of life in Zimbabwe


The Covid-19 pandemic is a warning that there are events that can affect the entire planet, and
should be an indicator that there are even greater threats to humanity. Climate change is the
greatest threat yet to face us, and it makes World Environment Day especially important this

Looking at Young Zimbabweans: How Engaged are they?

Are young men and women in Zimbabwe interested in public life, and are they any different to their elders?

RAU Fact Sheet No.2 Politically Motivated Rape (PMR)

What is Politically Motivated Rape (PMR) and why is it different to “ordinary” rape?

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